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Connect. Breathe. Move. Nourish. Restore.


SUP training

Enjoy a full body low impact exercise on the water.  Learn paddle board technique, how to transport and how to care for a board.  Incorporate yoga, Pilates or functional fitness on the board to freshen up your routine.  Training done in Baton Rouge or Madisonville.

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Health & Wellness Coaching

Create a foundation for supporting your life, no matter how you choose to live it.  Health & wellness coaching addresses one or all aspects of life: movement, nutrition, breathing, flexibility, recovery, and mindset.  Train in my private studio or in your home.


Excursions & Retreats

Expertly guided and customized excursions and retreats.  Incorporate yoga, fitness, SUP, hiking, and healthy food prep into a half or full day experience.  Perfect for team building, girls day out, or bachelorette parties.  


Mindful Movement Coaching: Yoga, MFS, MFR, ELDOA

Yoga helps strengthen muscles, improve balance, increase flexibility and reduce stress. Myofascial Stretching and Release alleviates pain associated with muscle tension or tightness. ELDOA helps to re-align the spine, improve posture and decompress the spine. Each session is tailored to your individual needs and includes breathing instruction, personal assists, and therapeutics.


Speaking Engagements

Inspire, educate, and  motivate your staff or group through engaging and informative health and wellness presentations. Topics include:  Mindset Makeover, Using Mindfulness for Stress Reduction, Designing Your Environment for Success, Plant Based Eating Benefits, The Five Factors of Health.  Topics can be customized to fit your organizations needs. 

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