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Body Archaeology Adventures are for those who crave adventure and are ready to re-invent themselves.  Our adventure retreats are for you whether you are stuck, at a crossroads, or lost.  Reconnect to yourself by immersing in nature, facing your fears, overcoming challenges, and discovering joy.  When you attend a Muddy Mermaid Adventure you instantly become part of network of courageous souls where you can find support, connection, and friendship.  Your experience won't end when you leave.  We continue to support your journey through online and long distance resources that provide movement instruction, nutrition tips, and mindset motivation.  

Retreats/Excursions may include the following activities/amenities:

  • SUP

  • SUP surf

  • Hiking

  • Camping

  • Snorkeling

  • Yoga and Pilates (on or off the board)

  • Breathing Sessions

  • Thai Assisted Yoga

  • Plant Based Meals

  • Paddle or Surf Board Rental

  • Full Moon ceremonies

  • Biking, gravel or MTB

  • Swimming in ocean, springs, lakes and rivers

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